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Wine and Liquor Bottle Password Combination Lock

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We all hate thieves, especially those who steal our wine. Our spouse, or curious little brats. Don’t trust your elders either.

Now we have a reliable solution to keep you at ease when the bottle is not next to your chest. The Wine Combination Lock is password protected, no one or anything is going to get pass that 3 digit password you set. Not even your cats.

Get one now to safeguard your wine. Or 5 if you have multiple bottles laying around. The sooner you get these, the lesser your wine is going down anyone but yourself. Get selfish today.

  • Safeguard your wine and liquor at home.
  • Leak-proof cap, preserve wine for another day with a snap on saver cork.(not air tight!)
  • Cool and useful gadget, your fellow wine-lovers will love this little gift from you.
  • Fits most wine and beer bottles as well as some liquor bottles. Even your Coke…if you so desire. But for goodness sake don’t.

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