Frayed cables. Undoing tangled cables with rubic cube difficulty levels. DIRTY WHITE cables. Dog chews, cat bites. Our cables have been through all. But most will never survive…and we’ll have to buy another one…and another one…and another. The most fiendish among us have chewed through 3 cables in 9 months. Have you beaten this record?

Now, meet the Stainless Steel Charging Cables. Probably the only, and last, cable you’ll ever need. And maybe the only thing you need to whip anyone who pisses you off.

Designed to withstand torture, some say this cable was born from the left-overs during the casting of Thor’s Mjolnir.

Instead of nylon or rubber, this monster is wrapped with the same stainless steel used to construct the top of the┬áChrysler Building. That old beauty has been gracing the New York skyline since 1930. Stainless steel has also been used to build the hulls of cargo ships, and their shipping containers (those things take alot of beating from the weather to the ocean…to bring goods to all over the world), among other vehicles designed to take a beating. This makes the Stainless Steel Charging Cable on the same league as what Iron Man is to Tony Stark; a safe, impenetrable armor for the soft and vulnerable inside.

So stop tolerating frayed…split…ugly and dirty rubber charging cables. “Suit up” your charging cables and make your smartphone charging experience great again.

Available in Type-C, microUSB and Lightning versions. Make sure you choose the right one for your device!

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