Our charging cables are one important part of our everyday lives. Dirty…torn…split…rubber charging cables are unfortunately part of it too.

Why not switch it up? Stop wasting money on cheap, weak, flimsy and poorly built cables that never last. The Kevlar MicroUSB Charging Cable is worth the price of three lousy cables for the price of one.

Wrapped in high-strength, complex-weaved Kevlar fibers makes it wear-resistant and smooth to the feel even after years of use. It tough enough to handle 1.5 tons pulling force. So if you belief in maximum strength to achieve your goals, the Kevlar MicroUSB Charging Cable is the perfect choice to achieve your plug-ins.

Only high quality copper is used in the core wire, ensuring charging efficiency and minimizing waste heat build up and energy loss. The plugs themselves are plated with nickel for corrosion / rust resistance, and gold-plated pins to ensure the best connectivity.

Adopt Kevlar in your life today.

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