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Floating Wine Holder

USD 39.95

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You know what holds you in suspense? Magic.

And these Floating Wine Holders are guaranteed to hold your wine in suspense. Leaves your visitor(s) in disbelief about whether your wine bottle(s) are safe.

It’s a great conversation starter really, a great way to get the banter going while you remove the wine bottle from their secure grip to pour your visitor and yourself a glass.

4 different designs available:

  • Mouse Magician and his Floating Rope
  • White String
  • Stainless Steel Chain
  • “Aged” Steel Chain

Which one do you think your visitors will like best? Add them to the bag!

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Happy Customers with their Floating Wine Holders!

Metal Type

Stainless Steel


Drops visitors' jaws, great conversation starter.


Mouse Magician and his Floating Rope, White Rope, Stainless Steel Chain, "Aged" Steel Chain