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Braided Leather USB-Lightning Cable

USD 31.95 USD 21.85

The humble USB cable, occupying a tiny corner in our thoughts until our iPhones need charging or syncing. It’s there when you need it, but tucked away once the job is done. We don’t like to see them around though. It’s like seeing our parents hanging out with our friends. Awkward.

Why? They are just mundane black or white rubber strips that looks unsightly and get tangled. The white ones get DIRTY over time, the black rubber ones get sticky. They suck in looks and longevity.

So change it. Wrap it in braided leather. Have these essentials match your lifestyle. Covered with durable leather, woven in a cross pattern, our Braided Leather USB Cable provides a new way to add style to your Lightning cable. It has the durability to match its good looks at any place.

Get more than one. Most of us like to travel light. But our travel companion(s) forgets, like bringing the charging dock without the cable. So you’ll end up sharing your only one. The battery bank you carry becomes useless, as is that USB port looking at you when you get back to your hotel room. Have more than two companions with you? Time to ration the charging docks for your phones. Get at least 2 of these cables, and you won’t have to deal with sharing those precious charging times.

Available in silver-dyed leather to match your aluminum iPhones / iPads / Macbooks, or the traditional brown tan leather for the special look only leather can bring.

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Brown, Silver

Cable Length

about 1 meter / 39 inches

Compatible with

iPhone 7, iPhone 6, iPad



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